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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  August 18, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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bucks county. but there are heavier downpours moving through the area. you can see it in chester county near coachville. that shower is going to pass by coatesville. downing town you'll see that heavier rainfall. it's brief, not expecting flooding or anything like that. showers scattered and mainly light. mainly this morning, too. 72 degrees, rain cooled in lehigh valley. 74 in delaware, drop down to 74 in philadelphia with scattered showers in the suburbs. we will get sunshine later today. there's a chance for scattered morning showers for each of the locations. 89 with sunshine poking through the clouds this afternoon for suburbs and for philadelphia nowhere near 90s for delaware. 86 degrees. at the shore today, 84 degrees with showers tapering off as we go into the afternoon hours. i'll go through your forecast hour by hour, back in a few minutes. first jessica has your first alert traffic. >> watching an accident scene
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over in new jersey. accident scene, also ran into a traffic pole so that traffic signal is down around route 30, to 38 are blocked off. cameras around broad street. disabled vehicle, no problem, over into the right-hand shoulder. penndot got to scene to clear it out of the way. other than that looks good north and south. in rio, two american swimmers held after being pulled off a flight back to the u.s. matt live in the operations center. matt, also involving robbery situation involving ryan lochte. >> we want to mention off the top here ryan lochte is back in the u.s. he returned yesterday. his teammates still in brazil. this shows jack conquer and gunnar bentz being held in a holding area before the flight left rio.
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they released them with the understanding they would make further statements about the robbery today. another swimmer is expected to talk to the state department today. they are ready to provide assistance to the swimmers still in brazil if necessary. another video that was obtained by the daily mail shows three teammates plus ryan lochte arriving back at the olympic village after robbery sunday morning. they say they were robbed just before this video was reported. there's little evidence to support the claim and swimmers unable to provide key details in interview. lockette spoke to matt lauer last night. >> i pointedly said to him, you said before it was placed on your forehead and he said no, that's not how i happened.
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people feel it was an embellishment but that's up to people to decide. >> matt lauer will talk more about his conversation with ryan lochte on the "today" show this morning. mat delucia, nbc 10 news. matt, thank you. looking for clues following the discovery of a woman's body in a trash bin. nbc 10 at the scene along east 22nd street near the charter school last night. officers found the woman's body shortly after 3:00 yesterday afternoon. they are still trying to figure out who she was and how she died. >> 5:33, now to decision 2016. governor chris christie facing new criticism for his relationship with donald trump. >> new scrutiny shows atlantic city casinos once owed $30 million in taxes to the state of new jersey. that was before cristie became governor. two years into the christie administration they settled the tax bill for $5 million.
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the governor wasn't aware of the tax dispute and, therefore, could not comment on the settlement. chris christie was with trump as the presidential nominee received his first classified national security briefing yesterday in new york. >> both trump and democrat hillary clinton are entitled to briefings as their party's presidential knoll niece. trump met with top advisers in new york after expanding his campaign again. he named bannon as ceo. he's head of breitbart website. trump cast kellyanne. >> commenting on trump's campaign shake-up in cleveland. she said changes won't fix his campaign or change his past insult on minorities, women and people with disabilities. >> remember what a great american, maya angelou said, when someone shows you who they
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are, believe them. >> clinton attacked trump's tax plan saying he would cut taxes for rich people while she would force super welly to pay more. she will appear with police officers at an event in new york. >> trump will hit three battleground states with general election tv ads. the republican will start airing those ads on friday in pennsylvania, ohio, and north carolina. so far team trump has spent $12 million on ads. clinton has spent more than eight times that at $104 million. pennsylvania alone $6 million in pro clinton ads hit airways compared to trump ad spending totalling $564,000 so far. >> you can now save time by stopping at only one store for your groceries and your wine. the pennsylvania liquor control board this week approved up to 84 wine permits across the state after governor tom wolf loosened
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the liquor laws. fifty stores in the philadelphia area. the governor made the the change saying it was time to bring liquor laws into the 21st century. some were thrilled. >> we have enough going on to have wine easily bought in the market at any given time. >> more applications are pending for other grocery stores. 5:36. her dad was an eagles legend who made a big impact on philadelphia. >> daughter of former quarterback randall cunningham is looking to make her mark on the world. 18-year-old vashti cunningham makes her olympic debut competing in the women's high jump. we talked with her father and coach legendary number 12 in brazil as her daughter gets ready to enter the spotlight he spent so much of his time in. >> there's a time to get up, then clean your room. then dad, i know what you're
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going to say, so leave me alone. that's the kind of relationship we have where we can communicate like that. >> randall cunningham is a former high jumper himself. he's a business owner and pastor in las vegas. pastor randall says he misses the most, humility is the number one character trait he tries to istill in his daughter. the 55th annual philadelphia folk festival begins today in upper montgomery county. it's the longest continuously running outdoor music festival of its kind in north america. organizers say you can expect music everywhere at all times of the day, including sing alongs, around the campfire and the event runs through sunday. be prepared to ooh and ah, you're about to meet the newest member of the nbc family.
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lily jane vandergrift. >> 8 pounds 7 ounces joins her big sister lake who we're told is over the moon having a baby sister. congratulations to katie and her family. >> nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 8 pounds ounces. that's amazing, ate only gained 8 pounds 8 ounces. she never looked like she gained an ounce. let me show you what's happening. some showers this morning, heavy downpours, too. check this out. back edge, drying out in western burks county. we're going to see showers come to an end. there are heavier downpours moving through downing town, coatesville, brief showers for most spots then sunshine. philadelphia clouds and chance of shower. we'll see sunshine later this morning and this afternoon. we'll warm into the 80s. not going to see the 90s today.
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for the suburbs it's going to be cloudy to start with. but clouds will start to break thor this morning, then low- to mid-80s. northwesterly winds, humidity high and dropping today. for lehigh valley, sunshine after a few showers this morning. mentioned burks county already seeing skies start to clear of the rain. 72 degrees now in lehigh valley, 80 by lunchtime and upper 80s with more sunshine this afternoon. heading to south jersey, a few showers this morning. you might need an umbrella briefly or you can just wait it out. those showers will be on the move. 72 degrees at this hour, 77 by 10:00. still some lingering clouds around lunch time and sunshine back this afternoon. at the shore it's going to be a warm day. that's another land breeze in the middle 80s. 74 right now. still some showers possible this morning, less likely in the
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afternoon hours. delaware we'll see the 80s this afternoon. upper 80s. it will get close to 90 degrees but the humidity will be dropping, so it's going to be a lot more comfortable, even than what we saw yesterday afternoon. that's today. got a look at your weekend forecast when i come back in 10 minutes. >> see you then, bill, thanks. 20 minutes before 6:00, let's get you to work. >> jessica checking on the cameras there. looks pretty good. jessica. >> pretty good so far around broad street. update, a few moments ago penndot crew on the scene of this disabled vehicle. looks like they left it there. not tying anybody up, northbound, southbound, we do have problems, lower merion lancaster avenue, closing that portion, expect to be detoured around. more when i come back in 10. thank you. emergency project. hear why new jersey governor chris christie is issuing an executive order when it comes to
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road projects in the state. here is a live look at the olympic calderon in rio de janeiro. we'll hear about an american sweep. what's next for the world's fastest man. ♪
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a technology company with branches enour area is laying off thousands of employees. cisco cutting 55,000 jobs. locations in melbourne, morris town and wilmington. it's not clear how many jobs each facility could lose. >> we have information about implementation of key safety situation on railroads. a government report find many commuter and freight railroads made little progress installing safety technology called tcc or positive train control. report says it's operating on 9% of freight route miles across the country and 22% of passenger route miles. the technology uses gps, digital radio communications and track signals to monitor its train.
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it can automatically stop or slow down trains to prevent derailments or crashes. congress extended the deadline to install tpc to 2018. the use of positive train control or lack thereof came to light after this deadly train track derailment last year. officials say tpc could have prevented derailment. am track says it now has it along northwest corridor and other routes and continues to work on implementing it across its systems. meanwhile according to website installed ptc equipment and operating some of it's regional rail lines under positive rail control system including recently added line. septa working with am track to test equipment and prepare to add more lines to the system. governor chris christie has issued an executive order authorizing the state to dip into the general fund in order to pay for emergency road projects. >> the state fund that usually
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pays for roadwork is about to run dry. in early july christie halted all road construction projects because of the fund. now a month later he and state lawmakers can't agree to put money into the fund. more than 1,000 workers without job while road projects on hold. justine thompson laid off in june. >> they are not looking at the long-term economic effects. i need to work and so do all my union brothers and sisters. >> union leaders meeting with lawmakers demanding they reach a deal with the governor. 5:46, back to school time. >> good time. get your children new backpacks and uniforms. pennsylvania officials have one more reminder. don't wait. vaccinate. all part of a campaign to remind you to make sure children's shots are up to date. some clinics offering low cost vaccines to eligible students. >> students who are at risk of
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illness or students less likely to learn, less likely to be productive in school. >> officials say it's important to keep immunizations up to date. they help children against 14 childhood diseases including measles. >> now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 5:47 heading out the door right now. grab an umbrella. you will run into a few showers this morning. this afternoon the showers will be moving out and sunshine will be increasing. partly cloudy skies this evening, heading out to dinner, stores, just a few clouds this evening and isolated showers possible during evening hours. this morning we have seen rain but mostly cloudy for lehigh, suburbs, delaware, south jersey 72 degrees. there are a couple spots a little bit cooler but no 60s this morning, which is what we would normally see this time of year. the clouds prevented temperatures from cooling into the 60s. the clouds also gave us some showers. you may have heard big storms
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overnight, they are now completely offshore, now scattered mainly light showers moving through the lehigh valley. bucks county and montgomery and chester county have seen showers, too. chester county, westchester seeing that heavier downpour approaching. at the shore just a few raindrops left but no heavy rain there. you might need an umbrella to start with. weekend plans, saturday looking fine. upper 80s and low 90s with the exception of the shore, 79 for saturday afternoon. come sunday it's more likely we'll see showers and thunderstorms in the area. that will keep temperatures in the 80s inland, upper 70s at the shore. for the monday forecast, it will be drying out in a hurry. those last few showers, first thing on monday morning for south jersey and jersey shore. before we get to the weekend, yes, some showers this morning. this afternoon will be drying out. 89 the high temperature. finally an end to the longest heat wave of the summer.
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back up to 91 tomorrow with partly sunny skies. then it's back into the 80s for saturday and sunday that chance of showers and thunderstorms. once they clear, that's a cold front that will bring us those showers and thunderstorms on sunday. that will bring us cooler weather for monday and well into next week, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday looking good with sunshine and much more comfortable. less humid conditions. by friday another chance of showers and thunderstorms, they take a break on saturday. tracy, vai. >> thank you, bill. about 10, maybe 11 minutes before 6:00 a.m., let's take a look at the road in south jersey. >> route 70 to be exact. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. jess. >> right around haddonfield road, everything okay so far, couple of cars on the road, no back-up delays, roads a little wet but other than that good to go. not too far away an accident with traffic signal down on route 130, route 38, slow by
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that scene. want an alternate 295 but that's a little out of your way as well. you're better off following detours around the seen. around the pa turnpike, no problems or delays there. the turnpike looks good. no delays. 21 minutes from route 1 to valley ford. tracy. >> an american sweep in brazil. team usa takes home the gold, silver, and bronze in a 100 meter hurdle. >> nbc's jay gray joins us live from rio. jay, a one, two, three punch. >> yeah. great to talk again. you're right. they say speed kills, it just dominated for these women. one, two, three, gold, silver, and bronze. it's never been done before in olympic history but they did it last night. it was amazing to watch. they said coming in they thought that's what they were doing to do. they lived up to the talk.
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great race for team usa. let's talk about usain bolt going for his second gold medal tonight. he wants to run 200 meters in under 19 seconds. what are we expecting? >> look, how can you ever doubt usain bolt. he is the fastest man in the world. he ran away with the 100. now he's racing his favorite race, the 200. he was pressed about setting the world record yesterday after semis, he said, yeah, it's possible. it's going to be hard, but it's possible i would like to go under 19. i wouldn't bet against the guy, he is lightning. >> we also talked about this yesterday, the story of the american runner who collided with another runner in a distance race. but now you have an update on team usa abbey d'agostino. tell us about that. >> you remember she bumped and got twisted up with the runner from new zealand. she helped the new zealand runner up and crumpled to the
5:52 am
track again and limped on home. neither qualified to the finals but pushed through by the judges because of their collision. the new zealand runner is going to run but d'agostino is not going to be able to do it. it was a knee injury causing her to limp. it was too bad for her to run in the finals. but she does have one of the most memorable moments of these games. just the sportsmanship you saw there was unbelievable. great to see. it's sad she won't be a part of the finals today. >> yeah. >> that was one of the best moments i think so far for us watching the olympics. i mentioned it, one of our locals here. >> thanks. we'll see you at 6:00. >> she was on fire. that whole team looks really good. thanks, guys. >> we'll see you then in a little bit, jay. take a look at this. a teenager hit and dragged by semi. find out what happened after the crash that stunned emergency crews. lecithin. l-e-s
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with a check on the road. watching the expressway, a slow
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go on the left-hand side of the screen, headlights approaching appear accident scene. these around belmont avenue. the accident around city avenue exit. so we're seeing delays there because of that. we'll update drive times when i come back in the 6:00 hour. >> see you then, jessica. a boy recovering after being hit and dragged by tractor-trailer. this is in oklahoma. the driver slammed on brakes when he saw three teens crossing the road but it's too late. the boy needs surgery on broken elbow but otherwise okay. authorities say the driver won't face any charges. today team usa swimmers are expected to face questions from brazilian police after they say they were robbed in rio. >> we'll have an update on developments in an investigation that's putting ryan lochte and his teammates under the microscope. plus tax trouble. we'll show you how the nbc response team helped a woman get her refund after waiting months for the money. from the moment you take your foot off the brake,
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new questions today team us statements to brazilian police after they say they were robbed in rio. meantime, ryan lochte is in american soil. survival story, we have an update on a 6-year-old boy shot ten times. his family is rallying for the vial thrones stop. and the future of medical marijuana, we're learning what the city is doing to prepare for the program recently signed into law. >> announcer: "nbc10 news" starts now. good morning, 6:00 a.m. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. the little bit of rain we've gotten has helped to cut the heat. let's get to bill henley with the neighborhood forecast. is that right, bill? >> yeah, temperatures are lower with the showers overnight. there's still clouds around. in fact more clouds than showers with a cloudy view from center city. we're not going to see sunshine to start with, but


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